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James Martin Spice Grinder a great spice grinder

james martin grinde james martin grinde

James Martin Spice Grinder

This spice grinder comes well packaged and arrived very quickly. Its powerful motor provides for grinding all types of spices, including dried chillies and cinnamon sticks. It can also be used as a coffee grinder

james martin grinder

James martin grinder

Often used in Indian cooking, the freshly ground spices give that added taste and aroma to the meal.


It is easily taken apart for cleaning and reassembling afterwards, the bowl and blade are dishwasher safe. Although the electrical lead is short, it stores easily in the base of the grinder making the whole machine compact and easily stored, taking up very little room in a cupboard.

The low price and high standard of build makes it the perfect present for the kitchen guru.

  • Powerful 150 W motor and long-lasting, stainless steel blade easily grind all sorts of dried spices, herbs
  • FOR SMALLER VOLUMES JUST – Insert the spice attachment that is exceptional to permit powerful, fine grinding of even the smallest number of spices – grind just what you require, when you really need it for fresh results and no wastage
  • Security ‘lock in’ lid ensures grinder can only be activated when the lid is secured in place
  • Transparent lid permits you to easily track grinding to ensure your desired effect is achieved
  • Dishwasher safe removable grinding bowl and spice accessory for easy cleaning additionally convenient, space saving wire storage attribute

Practical and Versatile

The Wahl James Martin spice grinder was designed to be practical and versatile. It’s going to grind dry herbs and spices to release maximum flavour. In addition to allowing you to grind approx 45 g of spices or coffee beans, contained with the merchandise is a James Martin spice grinder recipe pamphlet with six of James’s favourite spice mixes for you to attempt and a recipe from James for each of the spice mixes to get you started.

Easy Clean

The readily removable grinding bowl could be detached and cleaned after use; staining and lingering flavours and allow it to be used by you for a wide array of grinding will be reduced by this. Spice accessory and the bowl lid are both dishwasher safe.

Easy to Use, Simple Shop

Too as being straightforward to clean, the one-touch operation, with a viewing window and cord storage, make this an easy to use plus a useful addition to your kitchen

Spice Grinder Attachment

The Wahl James Martin spice grinder has a perfect spice fastener when you should efficiently grind even the smallest quantities of spices and herbs that may be used. This lets you grind when you need it, for no waste and maximum flavour what you demand. Do not overload. Without the spice attachment don’t exceed the max marking on the bowl. With the spice attachment don’t fill above the level of the blades.

Real customer review

I spent ages trying to get the correct spice grinder. Previously had a DeLonghi coffee grinder but I did not enjoy how you couldn’t wash it out…. this was one of my essential criteria. I don’t use it for java but grind lots of different spices.

I enjoy the reality that you shove it in the dishwasher and can take out the bowl and blade. It has a fantastic insert which gives you the ability to grind small quantities. If you depart the insert off then you normally get a rougher grind.

It pulses when you press on the button which prevents you over heating the apparatus or grinding too far. Today I ground dried chillies which are a little tacky and they were ground by it to a nice even size. It works great on entire spices, even as little as a stick of cinnamon. I have n’t attempted entire dried turmeric (which killed my last grinder) but I think if I break it up first it should work.

It’s a short lead (which all of the products seem to endure from) but if you pull down the bottom segment and you may wind the cable round the base then push it up again for keeping neatly.

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