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Loving curries and having been eating them for over 40 years I decided to put together this website so that you guys and girls can find the best of the best recipes.

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Korma – is a mild, yellowish in colour, containing almond & coconut powder which is ideal for beginners

Balti – In this dish the ingredients are cut into large chunks and the sauce is thicker than a standard curry mild in heat

Tikka Masala – is cooked in a mild, buttery sauce.

Dupiaza or Dopiaza – medium heat the word means ” double onion ” referring to the boiled and fried onions used as its main ingredient.

Pasanda – a mild curry sauce made with cream, coconut milk, and almonds.

Biryani – A dry dish of rice cooked up with curry powder and some meat

Roghan Josh (from “Roghan” (fat) & “Josh” (energy/heat – which as in English may refer to either ‘spiciness’ or heat)) – medium, with tomatoes

Bhuna – medium heat , a thick sauce, some vegetables my be used

Dhansak – medium to hot , sweet & sour sauce with lentils (originally a Parsi dish). This dish often also contains pineapple. A favorite of mine

Madras – fairly hot curry, red in colour and with heavy use of chili powder for the more adventurous of you who like a kick

Pathia – generally similar to a Madras with lemon juice and tomato purée

Jalfrezi – onion, green chili and a thick sauce another one of my favourites

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Vindaloo – this is  regarded as the classic ” very hot ” restaurant curry, although a true Vindaloo does not specify any particular level of spiciness. The name has European origins, derived from the Portuguese “vinho” (wine) and “alho” (garlic) try it if you dare but a good vindaloo will taste great as well.

Phaal – this is extremely hot and not commonly eaten in the UK

Tindaloo – Extremely hot in a similar vein to Phaal. Very regional in nature, generally served in Bradford or other Northern cities in the UK

Afghan – with chickpeas.

As we grow we will be adding more sections to our site but if you have any ideas please feel free to contact us as this is as much your site as ours

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